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Shark Oil Barometer in" Virginia Cedar"

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Most unique gift that you will find as a birthday gift,anniversary gift,weeding gift ,gift for him and gift for her and if you are looking for an unusual gift.

For centuries here in the beautiful island of Bermuda, locals have relied on the barometer to predict storms. Even today, seniors and young folk and fishermen check the clarity of the Shark Oil before going out to sea, or just to get an idea of how the weather is unfolding.

  • There are many theories as to the barometers accuracy, but a definitive explanation has yet to be found.
  • The oil changes in color from a clear golden hue to milky white as an indication of bad weather.
  • For best results, we recommend that the barometer be stationary or hung on the wall.


Just imagine how your new Shark Oil Barometer will prove to be the focal point in your home or office, as you amaze your friends with your weather predictions.